5 Reasons to Keep Marketing Blog Posts Short

5 Reasons to Keep Marketing Blog Posts Short
5 Reasons to Keep Marketing Blog Posts Short

Have you ever received a text message stating, “TL;DR” from someone? That’s for, “Too Long; Didn’t Read.” It’s no big deal when your friend doesn’t want to read the 1,000 word story behind your favorite recipe, but it’s a problem when your customers don’t pay attention to the blog posts you are spending time and resources on.

That’s why you need to keep marketing blog posts short. Here are five reasons:

  1. More readers: Customers will read your posts if they are short, well-formatted and have pictures.
  2. More posts: Breaking up one large topic into several posts allows you to update your website with regular frequency.
  3. Better reading comprehension: Customers will remember one main point better than multiple points.
  4. Better SEO: Focusing your posts on one set of keywords is better for SEO.
  5. Meet deadlines: You’re more likely to finish posts and get them published on time if they are more casual and short.

So don’t make your next blog post your magnum opus. Make it snack-sized and interesting instead.

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