Before Advertising Your Book on Amazon, Define What Success Means to You

Before Advertising Your Book on Amazon, Define What Success Means to You
Before Advertising Your Book on Amazon, Define What Success Means to You

If you are an author marketing your books on Amazon, you need to have a clear picture of what success means to you before you embark on Amazon Advertising. What you want to achieve will inform:

  • How you price your book
  • If you enroll your eBook in Kindle Unlimited
  • How to measure the results of your advertising

Popularity vs. Profit

If your true goal is to get your books in front of people and have them read, you might be quite happy with a low-price strategy that results in 10,000 monthly pages read through Kindle Unlimited and $0.99 eBook sales. Your book will be undeniably popular. You’ll earn a modest royalty each month, and you’ll breakeven on advertising.

Alternately, let’s say your first goal is to finally make some profit off this book you’ve worked so hard on. To be profitable with Amazon Advertising, you’ll need to price your book so that your royalties are fairly significant with each sale (and you’ll likely want to avoid Kindle Unlimited).

Essentially, it costs about the same to advertise a $0.99 book as it does a $9.99 book. Because of the low price, you’re going to sell more $0.99 books, but it’s certainly hard to make a profit with that razor-thin margin. Fewer readers will spring for the $9.99 book– but that will put real money in your pocket.

So, what does success mean to you?

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