Bench Ads Don’t Work for Small Business Marketing

Bench Ads Don't Work for Small Business Marketing

Why “See… You Looked!” Isn’t a Good Argument

Bench Ads Don't Work for Small Business Marketing

Advertising is ubiquitous in the American landscape, and most of us instinctively look past it. But occasionally, a small business owner will ask me, “Should we do bench ads?”

The Answer is Always No: Small Businesses Should Not Rent Bench Ads

The Answer is Always No: Small Businesses Should Not Rent Bench Ads

Unlike a consumer-packaged-goods company, small businesses don’t serve masses of consumers. If 500 people see this Kit-Kat bench ad in a day, some of them may actually go buy a candy bar, and several others will be reminded that Kit-Kat is a candy option. Nestle can afford to engage in awareness marketing campaigns, spending thousands of dollars simply to keep consumers from forgetting about their products.

If 500 people see a bench ad for your company, it’s likely that none of those people are your target customers. Most small businesses sell something more specialized than a candy bar, so they need to be more discerning in choosing advertising audiences.

Plus, small businesses can’t afford to spend marketing budget on merely raising awareness. A smart small business marketing strategy has goals that can be measured in dollars, like sales, subscriptions or leads.

For once, I’m glad to share a simple answer: No, don’t waste your money on that bench ad.

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