How to Defeat Writer’s Block and Publish Interesting Content for Your Audience

How to Defeat Writer's Block and Publish Interesting Content for Your Audience

There’s a small word that describes an essential part of marketing today: content. This one word represents a huge commitment. Day after day, week after week, marketers need to publish something new, interesting and effective. The schedule keeps going, and it’s never complete.

Photos, videos and paragraphs published to blogs, emails and social. The demand on one’s imagination can be overwhelming. (Just think– in a previous generation, we mostly thought lions, tigers and bears were worrisome!)

How to Defeat Writer's Block and Publish Interesting Content for Your Audience

Here’s how to break the content block and always have something worthwhile to say:

Write About What Your Customers Are Thinking About Right Now

If you know your customers well, you know what’s important to them at different times of day, seasons of the year and stages of life.

  • B2B customers are interested in their business cycle— planning for what’s next, implementing it and measuring it.
  • Consumers are interested in the cycle of their lives— their morning coffee, holidays coming up, seasons changing, growing older, etc.

As I wrote in “A Marketing Calendar Makes Your Life Easier,” plan out your calendar ahead of time to take advantage of what your customers will be interested in next week or even next quarter. And banish writer’s block forever!

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