What to Do if Spammers Give You Fake Recommendations on Facebook

What to do if spammers give you bad recommendations on Facebook
What to do if spammers give you bad recommendations on Facebook

Even Marketing Experts Make Mistakes

Back in 2013, I had just given birth to premature twins who needed constant love and care. Given Murphy’s Law, that’s exactly when four spam Facebook accounts gave my business low-star reviews, wrecking my Facebook star rating. I missed the window for reporting these false reviews to Facebook, and now they are a permanent part of my Reviews page.

Report Fake Recommendations to Facebook Right Away

My mistake was waiting too long to tell Facebook about my fake reviews. If your Facebook page receives a spam recommendation, report it to Facebook immediately:

  1. Go to the Recommendation and click the triple dots  in the top right.
  2. Select Give feedback on this Recommendation.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Encourage Positive Reviews from Happy Customers

Fortunately, my Facebook Recommendations story has a happy ending. This year, I deployed a marketing campaign to my clients, asking them for positive recommendations. First, I sent a personal email to a select few of them, explaining the mistake I made and including the link to my Reviews page. Next, I published a humorous Facebook post asking for help.

Within 24 hours, my Facebook Star Rating increased from 3.1 Stars to 4.2 Stars, with seven new recommendations. In another month, I’ll ask another group of clients for assistance. It’s important not to fatigue your customers with too many communications that aren’t personally relevant to them.

What to do if spammers give you bad recommendations on Facebook

And, on a personal note, my twin boys are six now. They are perfectly healthy and enjoying Kindergarten. Their smiles illustrate the top of this post!

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