When to Use a Facebook 'Page Likes' Ad Campaign (And When to Stop It)

When to Use a Facebook ‘Page Likes’ Ad Campaign (And When to Stop It)

Starting a New Page is the Best Reason to Deploy a Facebook ‘Page Likes’ Campaign A Facebook Page with less than 100 followers won’t command the respect (or attention) of Facebook users. To achieve a certain reputation with users, your…

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What to do if spammers give you bad recommendations on Facebook

What to Do if Spammers Give You Fake Recommendations on Facebook

Even Marketing Experts Make Mistakes Back in 2013, I had just given birth to premature twins who needed constant love and care. Given Murphy’s Law, that’s exactly when four spam Facebook accounts gave my business low-star reviews, wrecking my Facebook…

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Think Like a Minimalist to Get Your Marketing Message Across

I’m helping a client design a consumer rewards program, with the goal of increasing our competitive advantage and attracting new customers. Because the product mix has excellent margins, we can offer a program that provides high value to the customer. To…

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A Small Business Marketing Campaign that Understands the Customer

James Free Jewelers is enjoying success with a clever marketing strategy tailored for engaged couples. With any bridal purchase over $5000, customers receive a free 4-day, 3-night honeymoon cruise. This offer is much more attention-grabbing and interesting than a straight percentage…

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Sadly, Interesting is More Important than Accurate

Precise language is one of my joys. It’s exhilarating to find exactly the right word that communicates in the best way possible. Which is why it pains me to admit that accuracy isn’t all that important if it’s boring. For marketing communications,…

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