Save Your Marketing Budget with Negative Keywords

Almost every pay-per-click advertising campaign has room for optimization. Today, let’s focus on one simple way to save money with your Google AdWords campaigns: adding negative keywords. A negative keyword prevents your ad from being triggered by a certain word or phrase. For instance, it’s incredibly important to list negative keywords for my clients who are […]

Marketing Podcast: SEO Roundtable

Dave Weatherholt handed me the reins to talk about search engine optimization (SEO) during this month’s “Getting Down to Business” radio show. I was joined by fellow SEO expert Steve Volz of Alaska Search Marketing. In this 30-minute podcast, learn some of the basics of SEO like: The history of search engines What does it […]

Google says, “Tag, you’re it!”

This article highlights the importance of html tags to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This may seem technical and dry, but it could make the difference between a customer finding your site or your competitor’s site. A tag, among other things, can make text bold, italic or denote it as a heading. How you use tags to […]

Marketing Podcast – Google’s Free Tools

This entertaining podcast blends marketing with roller derbies. I’m joined on the radio show “Getting Down to Business” by the Rage City Roller Girls of Anchorage, Alaska. I discuss how Google’s free tools can empower your small business marketing, and roller derby stars Sarah Impaler and Blitzkrieg Baker gives me the moniker “Anita Amanda Elbow.” […]

Stuck on Search Engine Optimization?

Sometimes optimizing your website for keywords can feel stifling. For instance, how many times can a person put “tax accountant” on a web page before looking ridiculous? (I’m not sure, but the article certainly pushes it, don’t you think?) Fortunately, there is a way to vary your terms and still get placed in search […]