Blogging is Not Dead. It’s a Vital Marketing Tool.

Blogging has been around since the 1990’s, and the practice has been fairly universally panned ever since. In the early days, detractors sneered that no one wants to read what bloggers ate for lunch (before the rise of foodie blogs proved them wrong). Today, blog belittlers insist that businesses should stop blogging and focus solely on social media. […]

Five Tips for Small Business Marketing Research

Research is the best way to start a small business marketing strategy. Specifically, conducting research with your customers will help you learn what they care about, why they buy from you, what problems most affect them and other important issues that affect your marketing strategy. 1. For marketing that matters, find out what your customers […]

The Diversification of Search (and Your Marketing Budget)

In the near future, Google might not be such a hot-shot in the web marketing world. “That’s crazy!” you might think. Indeed, Google has been the major research resource for the vast majority of web users. And today, Google still accounts for 66.2% of all search-engine use, with Bing-powered search a distant 29.1%. It seems that Google’s […]

“Top Selling” and Other Pointless Marketing Claims

Describing a product or service can often turn into a navel-gazing activity for marketing writers. When a business doesn’t understand their customers and what they care about, they usually engage in marketing that appeals to their own management. The problem is that your customers don’t care about your inside baseball. Your internal realities have little meaning […]

When Does TV Advertising Make Sense?

Have you ever wondered why most prime-time television ads seem to advertise cars and mobile phones? The market for these products is nearly universal, and the profit margin is high enough to justify the expense. Almost everyone needs a vehicle. And, these days, everyone 12 and older seems to need a mobile phone as well. […]

What are your customers thinking?

Do you know what your customers are thinking? Do you know what really matters to them? You should find out! It will make your marketing more effective and efficient. Sometimes what your customers think and value might surprise you. I had a conversation with a contractor who learned by accident that his customers preferred slightly […]