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Web Design Essentials

For most businesses, the ultimate purpose of web design is to encourage a visitor to become a customer. To achieve that goal, websites need to be visitor-focused. Every decision about the website should answer the question, “Will this be better or worse for the visitor?" More...

Building Small Business Website Traffic

Every small business knows they need a website, but it can be challenging to build website traffic. Even if you have a beautiful web design and easy-to-use layout full of great information for your customers, your job is not yet complete until customers and potential customers visit your website. This article will provide tips for success while exploring the two major ways for building website traffic: pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization. More...

Existing Customers Create New Customers

Companies spend a disproportionate amount of money on trying to acquire new customers, but an existing customer who is loyal to your company will buy more products more often and will rave about you to their friends. If small businesses only knew that keeping existing customers happy naturally creates new customers. And it costs very little. More...

How to Create Quality Marketing

Do you want your marketing to be good? Do you want it to be great? Marketing is really all about design. Great marketing is about quality design. We design graphics. We craft stories and narratives. We compose photographs of happy, smiling people for the advertising campaigns we planned. We design grand brand strategies with flow charts. We even design our budgets. More...

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