Marketing Podcast: Marketing into Headwinds

In Alaska, the Pebble Partnership has been marketing into the headwinds, faced with stiff opposition. This partnership is owned by two mining companies and is investigating the feasibility of mining one of the most significant discoveries in North America of copper, molybdenum and gold.

In this marketing podcast, learn how the Pebble Partnership addresses their opposition with a positive attitude and how it can help your business think about your competition. And get some great tips for growing grassroots marketing supporters, too.

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Marketing into Headwinds

Download the Marketing into Headwinds MP3 file here. (7.4 MB)

This segment first aired during “Getting Down to Business” on Alaska’s Fox News Talk 1020.

Internal Marketing for Small Business Podcast

In the beginning segment of  “Getting Down to Business,” host Dave Weatherholt interviews Todd Clark, founder and president of DenaliTEK, an Anchorage-based IT consulting firm. Todd credits his business’ success to an effective Mission and Vision Statement. He was able to use these credos to build a company culture, create excitement in employees and improve the customer experience. Todd also added, “If you don’t have happy employees, you won’t have happy clients.”

Later in the show, I analyze what makes an effective Mission and Vision Statement. I explain how DenaliTEK uses their Mission and Vision Statement as an internal marketing strategy to create strong beliefs about their organization’s purpose and future. DenaliTEK has built a very strong internal brand. It is especially impressive how Todd developed a set of criteria called, “The 10 Keys to Success,” that DenaliTEK uses to evaluate  prospective employees to determine if they will help build the culture. The company lives its brand every day.

Not every company is this successful in implementing their Mission and Vision. Many times, these items are left as bullet points in the dust-heap of executives’ PowerPoint slides, never to become implemented. Another pitfall is making them too vague, so that in trying to say everything, they communicate nothing.

For more insights, listen to the podcast below:

Download the internal marketing MP3 file here. (7.6MB)

Creative Marketing Campaigns for Small Business Podcast

Dave Weatherholt invited me on his show, “Getting Down to Business” to talk about creative marketing ideas for small business. What’s the most creative thing I could think to say?

“Every experience a customer has with you, they consider that marketing.”

Talk about room for creativity! If everything is marketing, then everything needs to be designed with your customer in mind.

During the show, I did offer listeners some creative marketing campaign ideas, while advising all small businesses to create a good strategy before embarking on creative promotions. Dave and I also discussed effective small business marketing campaigns and the reason for their success.

Download the advertising and promotions for small business MP3 file here. (13.38MB)