Once Upon a Child's New Marketing Strategy Blends Online and In-Store Experiences

Once Upon a Child’s New Marketing Strategy Blends Online and In-Store Experiences

Small Business Marketing Case Study My favorite resale shop for kids clothes, toys and gear took a risk last year when it shifted focus from its popular Facebook brand page in favor of creating individual pages for each local store.…

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Small Businesses, Do Your Employees Believe in Your Marketing?

Employees play an important role in small business marketing– even when they aren’t in the marketing department. Customers’ impressions and beliefs about your business are largely built around interactions they have with your employees. So, it’s important that employees believe…

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What Church Potlucks Taught Me about Marketing

There’s a curious phenomenon at church potlucks, which anyone who has cooked for one has witnessed. Simply cooking a dish you know to be delicious is not enough to entice people to eat it. As my mom taught me, you have…

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Ten Great Small Business Marketing Taglines

Small businesses have many advantages over big businesses– the ability to build real relationships with customers, agility, flexibility, and more. But brand awareness is one area where the big guys excel. They have millions of dollars in marketing budget to…

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