Use Your Product to Sell Your Product

If you’ve got a great product or service, what’s the best way to market and sell it? By letting customers try it out! Lighthouse Carwash does this whenever they open a new car wash. For the first few days, all the washes are free. It helps them build a customer base by showing just how […]

What are your customers thinking?

Do you know what your customers are thinking? Do you know what really matters to them? You should find out! It will make your marketing more effective and efficient. Sometimes what your customers think and value might surprise you. I had a conversation with a contractor who learned by accident that his customers preferred slightly […]

Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook marketing is becoming increasingly important for certain kinds of businesses. These include locally owned businesses, brands with exceptional personality and organizations that inspire great loyalty in their customers.  Sixty-one percent of Internet users visit social networking sites, like Facebook. Chances are, a percentage of your customers visit Facebook every single day (or multiple times […]

Mixed Marketing Messages

When you send mixed marketing messages, your customers become confused, suspicious or even angry. Take, for instance, the dissonant image below. The dry cleaner says they love customers but damaged the suit they cleaned. I believe the dangling button more than I believe the the dry cleaner’s promotion message telling me, “We Love Our Customers.” […]

Marketing Podcast: Customer Service Tips

The hardest part of delivering good customer service is when you need to give bad news to your customer. But this marketing podcast provides four tips for delivering great customer service when you have to tell a customer, “No.” As you will hear in the podcast, businesses can even use a bad situation to create […]

Good Customer Service: How to Tell a Customer “No”

Good customer service is easy when things are going smoothly, and you can say, “Yes!” to your customers’ requests. But when you have to tell a customer, “No,” it takes more thought and effort to deliver good customer service. Recently, I got to experience amazing customer service and found it a “teachable moment” for all businesses. […]

Customer Service: Trust Your Employees

Customer service interactions are a big part of marketing for most companies. Customer service employees are often the face or voice of a company when customers have problems, whether it be to accept a return, resolve a billing issue or answer questions. Before a customer service interaction, customers may be frustrated or confused, leading to […]

Give Thanks to Your Customers

How often do you “give thanks” to your customers? I don’t mean sending them a coupon or throwing them a scanty “Thank you!” as they walk out the door. I mean being truly thankful to your customers. They could spend money with your competitors, yet they choose you. Without customers, you and your employees wouldn’t […]

Don’t Market to Yourself

There’s an old marketing rule that states, “Don’t market to yourself.” Like many adages, it has the benefit of being true. Marketing is for your customers, not for you. Many small business marketers make the mistake of  developing marketing strategies and materials that please the owners of the business instead of its customers. However, customers […]

5 Reasons Marketing is Everything

Marketing is everything. And I’m not exaggerating. If marketing is an expression of your company’s reputation (or brand), then every experience your customers have with your company is a marketing interaction. Your customers don’t stop evaluating your company and forming opinions just because they aren’t interacting with your traditional marketing. Here are five reasons why […]