3 Reasons You Need a Modern Website (No Matter What 'Modern' Means)

3 Reasons You Need a Modern Website (No Matter What ‘Modern’ Means)

Web Design Fashions Change for Better or Worse, but Small Business Websites Need to Change with Them It’s critically important to have an easy-to-use website that visitors find intuitive. But it’s just as important that visitors feel your website is…

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Creative and Keepable Business Cards for Your Small Business

Take a look at your business card. If it looks like this, your card is failing at marketing your small business: Custom printing technology has advanced to make many premium elements realistically affordable for small businesses, such as gold foil, rounded…

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A Really Limited-Time Offer

The department that writes marketing campaign headlines at Walmart clearly isn’t the same department that designs the automated app marketing: Make Mom Happy! Until Saturday, that is. After Saturday, Mom will have to fend for herself. Consider this weekly ad from Walmart a friendly reminder…

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Make it Easy for Customers to See Your Marketing Content

When marketing your small business, keep in mind that customers are naturally less interested in seeing your marketing messages than you are in sharing them. One simple way to make it easier for customers to engage with your marketing content is…

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