Marketing Podcast: Pinterest and Pilates

In this marketing podcast, Dave asks if a Pilates studio could use Pinterest in their small business marketing plan. I use this example to demonstrate how Pinterest could work for small businesses– and which businesses should just forget this social network altogether. Download or listen below: Marketing Podcast: Pinterest and Pilates (6.4 MB) This segment first […]

Marketing Podcast: Skip the Marketing Gimmicks

In this interview, Dave Weatherholt plays a bit of devil’s advocate, challenging my assertion that brands should avoid marketing gimmicks. But I remain firm– marketing gimmicks are bad for long-term success. Stick to what your business is passionate about, and your customers will notice. Download or listen below: Marketing Podcast: Skip the Marketing Gimmicks (5.3 MB) […]

Marketing Podcast: Top Social Media Networks

Russell Ball guest-hosted “Getting Down to Business” when we discussed today’s top social media networks and how they fit into your small business marketing plan. Listen for specific marketing advice on Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Download or listen below: Marketing Podcast: Top Social Media Networks (3.2 MB) This segment first aired during “Getting Down to Business” […]

Marketing Podcast: Facebook Timeline for Business

In this small business marketing podcast, learn some tips for marketing with the new Facebook Timeline and why I believe it’s a good marketing tool. For instance, businesses should change their cover image to match current marketing campaigns. Listen or download below: Marketing Podcast: Facebook Timeline for Business (3.1MB) This segment first aired during “Getting Down […]

Marketing Podcast: Marketing with Foursquare

Earlier this month, I joined Dave Weatherholt on his radio program to discuss small business marketing with the social media site Foursquare. My recent article on marketing with Foursquare delved into the topics of claiming your venue and various marketing opportunities for small businesses. In this podcast, I go further into creating specials and the […]

Marketing Podcast: 2012 Marketing Planning

For the first “Getting Down to Business” of 2012, Dave Weatherholt and I teamed up to talk small business planning. Dave covered some important financial steps every small business should take, while I focused on marketing tips to get your marketing plan in shape for the coming year. I’ve linked to the entire show, so […]

Marketing Podcast: Twitter Tips

This month, I was privileged to talk Twitter marketing with Dave Weatherholt on his radio show, “Getting Down to Business.” In the adventure that is radio broadcasting, Dave’s other guest was unable to make it, so we extended our Twitter talk to the whole show. Listen and enjoy! Link: Marketing Podcast: Twitter Tips

Marketing Podcast: 5 Tips for Writing Marketing Copy

Listen to this marketing podcast to learn five great tips for writing marketing copy, whether you’re writing for print, radio or the web. I give real-life examples from real estate, technology and more. Listen or download below: Download the Marketing Tips MP3 file here. (4.5MB) This segment first aired during “Getting Down to Business” on […]

Marketing Podcast: SEO Roundtable

Dave Weatherholt handed me the reins to talk about search engine optimization (SEO) during this month’s “Getting Down to Business” radio show. I was joined by fellow SEO expert Steve Volz of Alaska Search Marketing. In this 30-minute podcast, learn some of the basics of SEO like: The history of search engines What does it […]

Marketing Podcast: Facebook Marketing Tips

“Getting Down to Business” had a great guest host for my segment this month, Christopher Pobieglo, President of Business Insurance Associates, Inc. Chris and I talked about Facebook marketing– tips for how to get customers through Facebook and how to keep current customers interested in your business. Listen to the podcast for examples of how Facebook […]