‘Tactical’ is Not a Dirty Word

In the world of marketing, strategy development gets all the glory. The role of implementing marketing strategies is often considered a menial task (or at least dreadfully boring). Doing tactical work just isn’t as glamorous as┬ádeveloping the knock-your-socks-off strategy behind the work. But here’s an important reality. Marketing implementation is critical, and it’s something that […]

Green Marketing Gimmicks

Marketing gimmicks give marketing a bad name. The worst form of marketing gimmick is falsely promoting a cause to profit from it. These days, this tactic usually takes the form of “green marketing.” Take, for instance, this “Save the Earth Gum:” “Buy this gum and save trees.” Yeah, right. Chewing gum and trees have so […]

Customers See Through Marketing “Tactics”

Some marketing professionals seem to think marketing is all about “pulling one over” on customers with their clever tactics. The trouble with this philosophy (besides being ethically problematic, of course) is that it just doesn’t work. Marketers aren’t smarter than customers, and they can’t trick customers. And sometimes customers are actually smarter than the marketing […]