Microsoft’s Social Media Marketing Fail

Some marketing campaigns are so groan-worthy you have to share (and turn them into an object lesson). I received the following email from Microsoft, proclaiming, “You’re social, we’re social”: Object Lesson #1: Don’t┬áBeg There are few things more pathetic than a brand begging you to be friends with them. I’m sorry, Microsoft, you can’t join […]

Marketing Podcast: The Future of Search Marketing

My article two weeks ago, “The Diversification of Search (and Your Marketing Budget),” seems to be coming true faster than I had anticipated. In this marketing podcast with Dave Weatherholt, I detail the recent news of Microsoft increasing user privacy in the new Internet Explorer 10– and how that will impact business’s search engine marketing […]

The Communication Trifecta

Content, timing, media – this sums up the marketing communications trifecta. And they all have one goal: communicate with your customers in ways that are meaningful to them. If you don’t communicate with customers in ways that are meaningful to them, your messages will be ignored (or, even worse, your customers will become angry with […]

Microsoft, why do you insult your customers?

Although Microsoft is a popular punching bag, I actually think they create many good products. Bing is a beautiful search engine; Microsoft Office is indispensable. But they can’t advertise. They just don’t have the knack for it. In their latest set of commercials, they very subtly insult their own customers. Observe as Crystal imagines herself […]