No One Cares about Free Estimates

Have you ever paid for an estimate? Neither have I. And yet the marketing universe is full of badges, buttons¬†and starbursts proclaiming their benefits: Promoting free estimates is like boasting about offering a toll-free number. It’s simply a cost of doing business, and customers won’t be persuaded to buy from you because of either. Instead […]

Groupoff: Why Groupon is Usually a Bad Marketing Idea

Groupon is the group coupon website that features daily deals– if enough customers want to buy the deal, they get a coupon for a 50-90% discount. Otherwise, the deal is canceled. But since the discounts are hefty, and Groupon itself receives a commission, does this medium make sense for most small business marketing plans? Here’s […]

Sales Promotion FAIL

Sales promotions are a popular part of the marketing mix.¬†Sales promotions can be a great way to build awareness about your brand, reward loyal customers or just eliminate excess stock. Except this one. It is a sales promotion fail. I saw this 5% off book at an otherwise amazing independent bookstore in Columbus, OH. If […]