Blast off for E-Blast

Don’t ever use the word e-blast again, unless you are a spammer. In which case, you can say e-blast as much as you want, but get off the internet.

Why am I so anti-blast? It’s a marketing term that undermines everything email marketing could be. When you develop email marketing initiatives, you should think of them as opportunities for engaging in conversations with your customers. Don’t add to the frustration people feel for spam.

Here are some better terms to use:

  • Email Broadcast – If you have a special promotion to share, think of it as a broadcast instead of a blast.
  • Email Newsletter – Even better, avoid sales-pitchy emails altogether. Develop a newsletter with content you would be proud to share with friends, and your customers just may ¬†become yours.
  • Email Advertisement – If advertise to your subscribers you must, then be honest about it. If you try their patience with ads, don’t expect them to stick around long, though.

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