Campaign “Marketing”

If marketing communication involves informing and persuading customers with compelling messages, then I hesitate to call campaign activities “marketing.”¬†Every election season, as my mailbox fills with postcards, I’m left to wonder, “Who makes these ads?” If any company bombarded people with such amateur attempts, they would go out of business. Political advertisements, whether they be print, radio or TV, seem almost calculated to insult the intelligence and discernment of the electorate.

Candidates I like and plan to vote for send me cringe-worthy pieces. A friend of mine even decided to vote for the opponent after receiving one such careless postcard. With all their campaign contributions, can candidates really only afford marketing hacks?

At least all the advertising carnage can be amusing. Here’s a round-up of some of the worst campaign advertising I’ve encountered this year:

The voters of San Francisco as the hapless bunch from Wizard of Oz. Complete with Nancy Pelosi as a the witch (Watch the video here).

Florida Congressman Ron Klein’s campaign sent out a mailer with challenger Allen West’s social security number on it (not pictured for obvious reasons).

And here’s a lovely pair from New York’s gubernatorial race.

It appears New Yorkers have a choice between a pig and a reformed mud wrestler. Thanks, candidates, that really clears up your positions on bad Photoshop skills.

Have you seen any examples of good campaign advertising? Please send them to me. Though be warned – I might not believe you.

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