Did the recovery catch you by surprise?

With news out that the recession is over, many small business owners are left scratching their heads. What was expected to be a joyous event sneaked up on us in June 2009, and many Americans don’t feel like they-or their businesses- are recovering.

So what does it all mean?

It means we have to keep working. We have no one to expect prosperity from except ourselves.

But everyone could use a little inspiration, especially now. Last year, I printed out the following advice from Tom Peters and taped it to my wall. I think it still applies.

Daily Wisdom for Troubled Times

Get up earlier.
Go to bed later.
Work harder.
Finish what you start.
Learn one new thing.
Renew one contact.
Ask, “How can I help you?” at least once.
Make yourself visible.
Be of good cheer.

Catch a break.
Or not.
Repeat tomorrow.

Here’s the full post by Tom Peters (with plenty of comments from the thoughtful Tom Peters community).

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