Microsoft, why do you insult your customers?

Although Microsoft is a popular punching bag, I actually think they create many good products. Bing is a beautiful search engine; Microsoft Office is indispensable. But they can’t advertise. They just don’t have the knack for it.

In their latest set of commercials, they very subtly insult their own customers. Observe as Crystal imagines herself to be a sparkling beauty queen:

Microsoft’s intended message: Windows 7 is so easy to use that everyone can appreciate it.

Microsoft’s actual message: Silly customers! You live in a fantasy world of glittery eyes and self-importance!

The secret to humor in advertising is that the customer should not be the butt of the joke. Modern customers have high opinions of themselves and their abilities. Mocking them will never influence them to buy your products.

I’m a Mac person myself, but I hear from developers that Windows 7 really is easier to use than past versions. Many people will probably upgrade due to this word of mouth. It’s a shame that Microsoft’s own advertising can’t complement this effort.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft, why do you insult your customers?

  1. You make an excellent point! Thanks to the internet, customers are very knowledgeable about the choices available to them. It makes sense to treat them with the respect they deserve. Those Windows 7 commercials annoy me when I see them, but until now I never knew why! Thanks for the great insights.


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