Marketing Podcast: Farm Marketing & 4-H

Recently, my colleague David Weatherholt sponsored a young 4-Her raising a pig. He brought her on his radio show, “Getting Down to Business”(in Anchorage on Fox News Talk 1020), to discuss the adventures of young entrepreneurialism.

This topic inspired me to do my Marketing Matters segment on farm marketing. Just like with 4-H, farms need to keep their marketing fun and creative. I’ve had some experience with marketing farms. My brother’s family owns Legacy Farms Boer Goats, my niece and nephew show animals, and several of my acquaintance are farmers. In my podcast, there are many interesting tips that you can start applying today.

You don’t need to own a farm to enjoy this show, though. I’ve included David’s interview with Grace, the 4-Her, and many of my marketing ideas apply to any small business.

Listen or download below:

Farm Marketing and 4-H

Download the Farm Marketing and 4-H MP3 file here. (15.7 MB)

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