Marketing Podcast: How to Get Customers to Call

In this marketing podcast, I delve deeper into the subject of Getting Customers to Call. For many businesses, getting customers to call is a crucial step in the sales process. However, they don’t distinguish between a motivation to buy and a motivation to call. Listen to the podcast to learn more about how to motivate customers, along with tactical tips and strategies.

Listen or download below:

How to Get Customers to Call

Download the Getting Customers to Call MP3 file here. (5.4 MB)

This segment first aired during “Getting Down to Business” on Alaska’s Fox News Talk 1020.

2 thoughts on “Marketing Podcast: How to Get Customers to Call

  1. I really liked your point that convincing customers to call is different from convincing customers to buy. I agree that it would be easier to convince someone to give you a few moments of their time than to commit to a purchase or a business relationship. Thanks for the great advice!


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