Small Business Marketing Podcast: Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is receiving a lot of buzz with small businesses lately (probably because Facebook launched a direct mail campaign targeted at small businesses). If you received this mailing, you know the Facebook talking points – they have 500 million users that you can target by location, age and interests.

But is Facebook advertising right for your business? To learn more about the possibilities, listen to my Facebook Advertising podcast. I share specific examples of when Facebook advertising works and when it doesn’t.

Listen or download below:

Facebook Advertising

Download the Facebook Advertising MP3 file here. (5.6 MB)

This segment first aired during “Getting Down to Business” on Alaska’s Fox News Talk 1020.

1 thought on “Small Business Marketing Podcast: Facebook Advertising

  1. Facebook Advertising has been a big plus to everyones business in todays world we can update our customer inform them instantly about any maintainance we are doing ..I mean things are instant in today world.. thanks facebook.


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