Marketing Podcast: Marketing With Yelp

Listen as Dave Weatherholt and I discuss small business marketing with Yelp. Since “Getting Down to Business” airs in Alaska, we focus on the Anchorage Yelp market, but these marketing tips can apply to any small business in any city. Here’s what we cover:

  • What Yelp is and what it does
  • The kinds of people who leave reviews on Yelp
  • The local pages Yelp provides for each city
  • What marketing opportunities Yelp offers your business

During the podcast, I also mention my recent article, “Yelp for Small Business Marketing“, which includes screenshots and more marketing tips.

Listen or download below:

Marketing With Yelp

Marketing Podcast: Marketing With Yelp (7.4MB)

This segment first aired during “Getting Down to Business” on Alaska’s Fox News Talk 1020.


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