“Top Selling” and Other Pointless Marketing Claims

Customers don't care if you're opening under new managementDescribing a product or service can often turn into a navel-gazing activity for marketing writers. When a business doesn’t understand their customers and what they care about, they usually engage in marketing that appeals to their own management.

The problem is that your customers don’t care about your inside baseball. Your internal realities have little meaning for your customers. Just because a product is a popular seller doesn’t mean it’s going to fit a customer’s specific needs. And what could be less meaningful to a retail customer than who manages a business? She just wants a good experience.

If you find yourself using the following phrases in your marketing descriptions, you probably need to get to know your customers better:

  • Top-selling
  • New-and-improved
  • Under new management
  • Inventory reduction
Learn what truly motivates your customers, and you won’t struggle with writing great marketing copy.


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