As Christmas Approaches, Customers Don’t Want to See Eyeballs

The best medical professionals are passionate about the science and practice of their areas of specialty. Patients want to know you have expertise and  want to feel reassured they will receive the best care.

But patients are almost never as passionate about your field as you are. And they might even be freaked out about it. For instance, I’m sure my optometrist finds this wreath of eyeballs a charming nod to the Christmas season. But I’m surely not the only patient who thinks it more appropriate to Halloween! Yikes!

Customers Don't Want to See Eyeballs

From billboards showing anatomical sketches of dental implants to LASIK practices wrapped in a giant photograph of an eyeball, medical professionals often take love of their practice too far. Remember that patients are often nervous about procedures and seek comfort more than medical facts.

Customers Don't Want to See Eyeballs

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