Facebook as a Customer Service Tool

Have you ever had a customer reach out to you with a customer service issue on social media?

Most businesses think of social media as only a marketing tool (if they think of these channels at all). But including social media in your customer service strategy could lead to happier customers who rave about your business in public.

Facebook as a Customer Service ToolOne great example of a business using Facebook for customer service is my client Grady Veterinary Hospital. The practice receives frequent queries on Facebook, and always responds promptly and thoroughly, in a caring manner. If appropriate, the staff replies publicly. This customer service approach on Facebook is partially responsible for the practice’s 194 reviews, averaging 4.3 stars.

Customer service personnel need to be adept at more than just phone and email communication. Small businesses should empower them to interact on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp or other social media where your business has a presence.

By honoring customers’ communication preferences, you show that you listen to them and that they are important to you. Already, a reconciliatory tone has been set. And the customer has an easy platform to shout your praises from the virtual rooftops.

2 thoughts on “Facebook as a Customer Service Tool

  1. Grady did it better than KLM … I booked a trip to Europe last week on their website, and when I went to the Contact Us page it made a big deal about contacting them on Twitter or Facebook. I wanted to find out if they offered travel insurance, before I finalized the booking. There was no chat option, and I couldn’t get reservations to answer the phone, so I simultaneously asked on Facebook. Two days later I get a message on FB that starts “That sounds wonderful, Steve!” and proceeds to describe travel insurance. (Which I had purchased by then) Great help.


    amanda Reply:

    Thanks for adding more depth to the conversation. Customer service on social media needs to be fast to be effective. Although, it sounds like KLM doesn’t know the definition of “fast” in any of their customer service contexts!


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