Ten Great Small Business Names

Small businesses benefit from the joy and luxury of being personality-driven. Also, when you’re small, you can more easily choose a focused strategy to serve a niche market. (Large companies usually need to serve large markets, in order to earn enough revenue.)

Here are ten small businesses that embraced these aspects by choosing creative, descriptive and differentiating names that appeal to their customers:

  1. Powell’s City of Books – This Portland-based bookstore is gigantic. The name evokes the quirky atmosphere that is a book lover’s dream.
  2. Grateful Grahams – Consumers today enjoy when a company has a larger purpose than simply selling products. Perfectly tailored for this market is a graham bakery that asks “What are you grateful for?”
  3. Roadtrippers – It’s a website and app that helps you plan road trips. So simple!
  4. Insight to Action – This firm delivers business strategies through the lens of market research. The name quickly and clearly differentiates it from other consultants.
  5. Once Upon a Child – A thrift store that makes buying used children’s clothing sound like a fairy-tale adventure (of savings!). The name is cute and clever. Technically, this is not a small business, but each store is locally-owned by franchisees.
  6. Frameri – Here’s an example of an upscale-boutique name that still clearly implies what they sell. Frameri is an online glasses store, where customers buy one set of lenses that fit into multiple, interchangeable frames.
  7. Sleepy Bee Cafe – Without being blunt, this cafe makes it clear it’s a trendy breakfast and brunch place. Also, they specialize in honey condiments!
  8. Taste of Belgium – This restaurant takes a different approach with its name by specifically letting customers know to expect Belgian food and beverages. The dining experience carries through, as each location feels very Continental European.
  9. King Arthur’s Court Toys – Either Merlin or an amazing marketing strategy have kept this toy store thriving through the Toys ‘r Us and Amazon market invasions. The store’s magical name certainly helps capture both children and family’s imaginations.
  10. Zoo in a Jungle Marketing – Forgive my self-aggragandizement. My company name, which is derived from Peter De Vries’ quote “Life is a zoo in a jungle,” helps prospective clients instantly sense my company’s personality and appeals to small businesses that seek to expand their horizons.

If you’re looking to name a small business or startup, get inspired with my top ten small business names list. And, remember, let your personality shine through!

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