Avoid Advertising Annoyance: Keep Customers Engaged with New Content

Avoid Advertising Annoyance: Keep Customers Engaged with New Content
Avoid Advertising Annoyance: Keep Customers Engaged with New Content

Literally everywhere you look, there’s advertising. As a small business, you probably contribute to the amount of advertising in the world.

But we all know how frustrating it is to encounter the same advertisement over and over. Here’s a great example from Jared Newman at DigiDay:

  • “Despite all the sophisticated ad tech that exists today, users still get hit with the same ads over and over again when they stream video online. Whether you’re watching the latest ‘South Park’ episode on Hulu or Comedy Central’s website, it isn’t rare to see the exact same Geico ad pop up in the exact same spot during each of the show’s commercial breaks regardless of whether you’re streaming the show through a Roku, Apple TV, computer or phone. By the end of the show, you’re so frustrated with Geico that you’re tempted to cancel your car insurance and opt for public transit.”

It’s a marketing truism that advertising requires frequency to work. And that’s true– to a point. Got Milk, What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas, 15 Minutes Could Save 15% or More on Car Insurance are all successful slogans that resonate with people.

What drives Jared Newman to remember the slogan but hate Geico nonetheless? The brand has annoyed him. And we never want to annoy prospective customers.

When Ad Frequency Becomes Ad Annoyance

Ad annoyance happens when a customer is bombarded with the exact same advertising message over and over. If you’re going to be constantly advertising, you need to constantly create new content.

Your brand promise or campaign tagline is a great starting point for a series of content that you can advertise. Diversify your media with video, photos and articles. Feature personal stories and product details, to reach people with different interests. Be mindful of annoyance and fatigue. If you wouldn’t want to encounter your company’s ad campaign every day, don’t expect your audience to. 

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