Every Detail Matters in Marketing and Branding

Every Detail Matters in Marketing and Branding
Every Detail Matters in Marketing and Branding

This kid’s t-shirt declares “People Over Things.” It also costs $42. When I saw it hanging in the window of a chic children’s clothing boutique in Cincinnati, I burst out laughing.

Instead of buying an expensive, virtue-signaling shirt that a kid will stain almost immediately, here are just a few ideas for how to spend $42 that actually values people over things:

  • A substantial portion of the weekly grocery bill for a family of four. Feeding people can show that you love them.
  • Two adult and two child tickets to the Cincinnati Zoo. Spend time together and learn about animals.
  • Let your children pick a charity, and donate the money together.

Merchandising is Branding

When customers are inclined to laugh at your products, you have a branding mismatch in your merchandising. This high-end retailer usually has spot-perfect merchandising for their affluent customers, and they are a successful staple of the Oakley neighborhood.

But by putting this particular t-shirt in their store window, they provide a great example of how one branding faux pas can be jarring. Merchandising is, in part, a brand experience. So are customer service, billing, shipping and every other aspect of your business. To your customer, every detail matters.

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