Facebook Reviews Are Gone

Facebook Reviews Are Gone
Facebook Reviews Are Gone

Recommendations Now Replace Reviews on Facebook

If you visit your business’s Facebook Reviews page, you’ll notice it has a new look, and one critical piece is apparently missing. Customers can no longer write reviews! The familiar star ratings are gone!

Instead, page visitors are asked a Yes/No question: Do you recommend this page?

Business Still Get to Keep Their Existing Star Ratings

If you invested in a Facebook Reviews marketing campaign in the past, your work wasn’t wasted. Existing reviews and star ratings are still listed on your Reviews page and are factored into your new Star Rating.

How is Your New Facebook Star Rating Calculated?

That’s a good question! Facebook is rather coy about how it calculates that star rating prominently displayed on your business page.

“This rating is based on how many people recommend or don’t recommend the Page, as well as any past ratings and reviews it may have.”

Facebook Reviews Are Gone

For a longer explanation that says basically the same thing, visit this Facebook Help Center article. The true answer to the question of Page Rating calculation is that Facebook isn’t telling.

Obviously, Yes recommendations will help your business while No recommendations will harm your reputation. In communications with customers, you’ll want to start asking for Recommendations instead of Reviews.

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