Get Inspired by These 3 Powerfully Creative Instagram Promotions

Get Inspired by these 3 Powerfully Creative Instagram Promotions

Promoting a special offer, new product or other marketing campaign on Instagram takes a little creativity. A picture may be worth 1000 words, but it won’t link to your online store or newsletter sign-up page. These three brands have combined hashtags, the Instagram bio link and landing pages to intrigue and engage customers.

Starting Simply: Graeter’s Ice Cream Promotes New Product on Instagram

Get Inspired by these 3 Powerfully Creative Instagram Promotions

Marketing doesn’t always need to be complex. Gourmet Graeter’s Ice Cream has joined the food truck trend with their own Ice Cream Truck that can be rented for events in Cincinnati, Columbus and Pittsburgh.

To promote the offering on Instagram, Graeter’s took advantage of the Instagram bio- the “home page” of a user’s account. It’s the only spot on Instagram where you can feature a clickable link. With a simple call-to-action and cute emoji, this marketing campaign is set for summer.

Use this Marketing Tip: Change your bio as often as you change your promotional strategy, and use the bio link for more than just your home page.

How to Use Hashtags: Freddy’s Steakburgers Promotes Fan Photography

Get Inspired by these 3 Powerfully Creative Instagram Promotions

Also making use of their Instagram bio, burger chain Freddy’s encourages customers to share their food pics with hashtags #ilovefreddys and #freddysworthit. Making these hashtags front-and-center helps customers learn about the promotion and participate in it. Freddy’s marketing team monitors the hashtag pages and re-posts the best pictures to their own account.

There are a few marketing benefits to this promotion:

  1. Fan photos reach customers’ audiences who might not otherwise be exposed to Freddy’s
  2. Fans are delighted to have their photo gain publicity
  3. Freddy’s benefits from authentic, free content creation

Use this Marketing Tip: When you have enough followers to help you create content, brainstorm and publicize a couple fun and interesting hashtags.

Weaving it all Together: Nikon USA Promotes High-End Photography Gear

Get Inspired by these 3 Powerfully Creative Instagram Promotions

Nikon USA customized their Instagram bio, link and a landing page to encourage photographers to share their most breath-taking, unedited photos (taken with Nikon equipment, of course).

Using the hashtag #NikonNoFilter, 1.3 million photographers have shared their art with the world. Nikon uses their bio link to give an enhanced experience with their favorite submissions, from videos to blog posts.

Use this Marketing Tip: To increase the effectiveness of your campaign, think of ways you can take your customer experience beyond Instagram. Using your bio link, create a landing page where you can share video, offer downloads, collect email addresses and more.

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