How to Hire and Retain Employees with an Employment Marketing Strategy

How to Hire and Retain Employees with an Employment Marketing Strategy

In these days of 3.8% unemployment, US small businesses face significant challenges to recruit, hire and retain employees. Vistage research finds that CEOs of small and medium-sized businesses highlight talent management as their #1 concern, with 65% planning to hire and raise wages.

My clients are no different, and we have started thinking unconventionally about finding recruits through implementing marketing strategies. Small businesses usually engage in marketing and advertising in pursuit of customers. But now, a small business needs to sell itself to potential employees.

Grady Veterinary Hospital Highlights its Top-Notch Talent in Employee Appreciation Campaign

Grady Veterinary Hospital is a 24-hour veterinary practice with 12 veterinarians on staff. It provides preventive care, surgery and emergency services. Its large staff of receptionists, Veterinary Assistants and Veterinary Technicians are critical for patient care and client relationships. Each year, we celebrate these talented individuals in employee-appreciation videos and Meet the Staff interviews. Here are the latest videos:

These simple videos go a long way towards making employees feel valued for the important work they do. And potential employees get a glimpse into a healthy, vibrant work culture. Plus, clients are encouraged that their pets will receive optimal care from this top-notch team.

How to Hire and Retain Employees with an Employment Marketing Strategy

Millennials and GenZ Employees Need to Be Engaged

My client Michal Clements is a market strategist who is an expert in Millennial and GenZ workforces. At 22 – 40 years old, they are a significant portion of the labor economy. She writes that beyond feeling job satisfaction, they need to be engaged in their work. The three engagement drivers that matter most to Millennials are:

  1. Purpose: Their job has meaning and is important
  2. Feedback: Regular updates on how they are doing on the job
  3. Professional Development: Opportunities to improve skills

Learn more about employee engagement by reading her article, “3 Engagement Drivers that Help Businesses Hire and Retain Millennial Employees.

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