Let Your Brand Show Some Personality

Let Your Brand Show Some Personality

Invest in Graphic Design that Tells Your Brand’s Story

Recently, I worked with Tailored Automation to craft brand strategy and represent the company at DevOpsDays Indy. The company was being launched just weeks before the event, and owner Garrett Honeycutt contracted talented designer Iris Chamberlain to give personality to the brand. She designed a friendly robot, dressed as a tailor. The robot took on many different poses to illustrate the company’s brand values and services.

Let Your Brand Show Some Personality

These robot visuals did much to introduce Tailored Automation to the world, especially at the conference:

  • Show the brand promise: Bespoke automation of an organization’s software development lifecycle is a bit wordy, but a tailor robot sets the stage for comprehension.
  • Make the complex more understandable: As a technology automation consulting and training firm, Tailored Automation sells complex services. Each robot pose gives a clue to what a client can expect from each offering.
  • Start conversations: By showing personality in marketing materials, it was easy to engage conference attendees in friendly conversation. We could start by discussing what the robot means before delving into technical details.
  • Make a great first impression: The robot is memorable and helps the company stand out among the competition.

For small businesses, investing in graphic design sometimes seems frivolous or out of reach. Over time, on-brand design that shows personality is definitely an asset, not an expense.

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