The New Instagram Look is “Raw and Real” in Name Only

The New Instagram Look is "Raw and Real" in Name Only

Writing in The Atlantic, Taylor Lorenz assures us that we can take a deep, relaxing breath because, “The Instagram Aesthetic is Over.” Instead of perfectly staged moments that take hours to photograph, new influencers on Instagram insist on showing life as it really is:

 “‘Avocado toast and posts on the beach. It’s so generic and played out at this point. You can photoshop any girl into that background and it will be the same post,’ said Claire, a 15-year-old who asked to be referred to by a pseudonym because of her age. ‘It’s not cool anymore to be manufactured.’”

Sounds like the new style will make small business marketing easier, right? Let’s dig a little deeper. Here’s a screenshot from rising star Emma Chamberlain’s feed.

The New Instagram Look is "Raw and Real" in Name Only

To my trained eye, these photos certainly look carefully planned and staged. Raw and real, they are not. At least, I don’t imagine your average person applies a makeup mask that perfectly matches her manicure.

So, don’t start posting casual snapshots to your Instagram page and think you’re home free. But Instagram fashion is changing, and here’s how small business brands can adapt.

How a Small Business Brand Can Update its Instagram Look

Use these tips to give your brand a more current personality that portrays, “Hey, nobody is perfect and we’re all in this together.”

  • Share behind-the-scenes photos with your followers. Example: a bakery posts in-progress shots of a trendy first birthday cake design.
  • Use a casual environment. Example: A boutique retail store shows outfits IRL (in real life) instead of in-store.
  • Choose the pose that looks most spontaneous. Example: a make-up artist chooses before-and-after pictures with quirky facial expressions instead of the traditional smile.
  • Intersperse with spot-on perfect photography. Example: Wedding hairstylist shares professional shots of her brides.

Incorporate these tips into your Instagram marketing, and your brand should be on-trend for the next year.

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