This Hotel’s Marketing Campaign Went from Quirky to Creepy Real Fast

This Hotel's Marketing Campaign Went from Quirky to Creepy Real Fast

Renaissance Hotels takes marketing inspiration from its name, seeking to evoke a sense of the renaissance era. It’s a solid brand strategy concept, as described on its website:

We’re a hotel for the curious, the adventurous for those who see every journey as a chance to be inspired by the unexpected.

First, the hotel’s marketing team targeted me with a fairly effective Facebook ad showing a bronze lobster and woman in quirky professional dress.

Things escalated quickly from there, as I was next confronted on my Facebook feed by a sultry man peeking through a feather duster. That was certainly unexpected!

Next trip, I think I’ll skip on Renaissance Hotels. The creepy vibe just isn’t for me.

This marketing campaign is a great example of a perfectly good brand strategy wrecked by one ad execution. Every little detail matters!

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