[VIDEO] 5 Basic Tech Tips for Creating Marketing Videos

5 Basic Tech Tips for Creating Marketing Videos

Instagram and YouTube stars pride themselves on the “raw realness” of their posts. But it’s not true—none of their content is as spontaneous as it seems. To publish great marketing videos, you need some solid, technical expertise. These five tips will get you started in improving the quality of your marketing videos.

Watch the Video: 5 Basic Tech Tips for Creating Marketing Videos

Marketing Video Tech Tips

  1. Pay attention to lighting and focus. A fuzzy, ill-lit video doesn’t lend authenticity; it makes your video look bad.
  2. Audio is just as important. Either stay close to the camera, or record audio with a mic. If viewers can’t hear you, what’s the point?
  3. Go outside, but don’t put the sun in your eyes—you’ll be squinty. Don’t have the sun behind you, or you’ll be a shadow. Indirect sunlight will make you glow, though!
  4. It’s not unusual to require multiple takes to get the right shot. Get creative about piecing the best bits together. Your video doesn’t have to be one take. If the intro from Take 5, the middle from Take 1 and the conclusion from Take 2 are the best, use those clips with transitions between them.
  5. You don’t have to film alone. Put someone behind the camera to pay attention to all these technical details, so you can focus on being in the moment, creating a great video.

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