[VIDEO] 5 Tips for Marketing with Video

5 Tips for Marketing with Video

Marketing with video makes a lot of sense for small businesses. Customers love watching videos. Having videos on your website helps SEO. And video advertising gets better results than ads with text or images. Here are my five basic tips to get started with (or improve) your video marketing, starting with your next video.

Watch the video: 5 Tips for Marketing with Video

  1. Keep it short. About 90 seconds is a great length. If you have more to say, break your topic up into multiple videos.
  2. Publish videos regularly. One amazing video is unlikely to make much difference in your business results. Create one a week, or one a month to build success over time.
  3. Publish your videos everywhere. From start to finish, video marketing is a lot of work. Once you have the hard-earned video, extend your reach to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and any platform that allows you to upload videos.
  4.  Don’t post your YouTube link to Facebook. You’ll get much better results uploading your video directly to Facebook.
  5. Get your employees involved! It’s great for the business owner to film and be the “face” of the company, but it’s even better when employees also get involved. You won’t believe the amazing ideas they will have. Ask for volunteers, though. No one should be required to go in front of the camera.

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