[VIDEO] 5 Tips to Make Your Marketing Videos Sparkle

5 Tips to Make Your Marketing Videos Sparkle

Get longer video views and improve engagement when you add some sparkle to your videos. Try one or more of these video marketing tips in your next video.

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  1. Captions let people “watch” your video when they are using their mobile devices in a quiet area, like a waiting room.
  2. Fade in free stock photosto add visual interest to your topic and keep viewers engaged.
  3. Create a mood for your video with a free soundtrack from Facebook’s Sound Collection. Make the music loud enough to be heard, but quiet enough, so your message remains audible. 
  4. Looking directly into the camera lens makes the viewer feel like you are making eye contact with them. It appears friendlier and more trustworthy than someone looking off to the side.
  5. Get creative with your filming locations. As long as your lighting, focus and sound are on-point, diverse locations are more interesting than the same old backdrop.

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