When to Boost Facebook Posts (And When Not To)

When to Boost Facebook Posts (And When Not To)
When to Boost Facebook Posts (And When Not To)

This Popular Facebook Ad Type Gets Results – When Used Strategically

When to Boost Facebook Posts (And When Not To)

Boosting a post is likely the most well-known of Facebook ad types because it is so ubiquitous. Every business receives notifications from Facebook encouraging them to boost individual posts. Boosting certain posts is an effective way to engage both your followers and advertising audiences in certain scenarios:

Boost These Facebook Posts

  • DO boost original content you create like articles or videos, especially if posted on your website as well. When you boost a post, you’re often given the choice to include a button with a link.
  • DO boost time-sensitive posts. Facebook might not show your “One-Day Tuesday Super Sale” post to your followers until Wednesday… or Friday. Boosting a post allows you to concentrate impressions over a given time period.
  • DO boost particularly popular posts. If your organic followers react to a post, so will your Ad Audiences.
  • DO boost posts recognizing your team. Not only does it increase employee morale, but it shows your customers how great your people are.

Avoid Boosting These Facebook Posts

When to Boost Facebook Posts (And When Not To)
  • DON’T boost posts that are irrelevant to your business.
  • DON’T boost images with text in them, like memes. Facebook doesn’t allow this kind of advertising.
  • DON’T boost content you didn’t create. Sending customers to someone else’s website won’t improve your business results.
  • DON’T boost a post just because Facebook suggests it. They want to earn ad revenue, after all. Determine if the post will help you meet your goals.

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