You Can Stop Marketing on Twitter Now – Unless Your Industry is Crypto

You Can Stop Marketing on Twitter Now - Unless Your Industry is Crypto

Twitter Drives Only 0.66% of all Website Visits

New research into 3.25 billion website visits by GrowthBadger’s Kyle Byers shows that 6.44% of all web traffic comes from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Facebook dominates as a traffic source, while Twitter comes in a distant second.

Graph courtesy of GrowthBadger

For most small businesses, the only reason to engage in Twitter marketing is to drive website traffic. Considering how much effort it is to simply get noticed on Twitter, these paltry results mean it’s safe to skip Twitter and eliminate it from your marketing campaigns.

Very Few Benefit from Marketing on Twitter

Only two industries researched seem to benefit from Twitter-sourced website traffic: Crypto and Technology. These industries receive 3% and 2% of their web traffic from Twitter, respectively.

Graph courtesy of GrowthBadger

Exception to the Rule: Seeking Fame (but Not Necessarily Fortune)

If your business goals require you to prove personal popularity and show vast numbers of followers, then Twitter can give fame by proxy. Speakers, authors, journalists, influencers and others seeking celebrity status may find the pursuit of Twitter followers to be valuable.

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