3 SEO Tips to Make Google Ads More Powerful

3 SEO Tips to Make Google Ads More Powerful

If you’ve decided to focus on Google Ads over SEO for your small business marketing strategy, that doesn’t mean SEO can’t play an important role. These 3 SEO tips will help your Google Ads:

  • Display more frequently
  • Cost less
  • Rank higher on the page than competitors

Ultimately, Google wants to deliver a good user experience with relevant paid and organic results. If you convince Google that your paid search results are more relevant than your competitors’, you’ll get more exposure and clicks.

1. Develop a Keyword Strategy

Research what customers are searching for and use these keywords in ads, web pages and blog posts. A good keyword strategy understands what words customers use to search for your products and services.

2. Create Ad-Specific Landing Pages

Group keywords by topic and create ad groups for each topic. For each ad group, create a landing page that directly speaks to the keywords used in ads.

3. Regularly Publish Blog Posts

Regularly updating your website with blog posts proves to Google that your site is credible and active. Follow standard SEO practice in these blog posts, including keywords in the title, intro paragraph and headings. If you can commit to one or two posts per week, that’s optimal.

If you’re interested in making your Google Ads more powerful with SEO, contact us.

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