Coronavirus and Groundhog’s Day: 2 Examples of Current Event Content Hooks

Coronavirus and Groundhog's Day: 2 Examples of Current Event Content Hooks

How to Create Content When Your Small Business Isn’t Outlandishly Exciting

For some small businesses, marketing content efforts are easy. When you sell something customers dream about, like clothing or food, creating content around your products and services is naturally compelling.

But when your small business sells necessary products or services, customers might be a little, well, bored by shop talk. That’s when you need to tie in topics that relate to your brand and are interesting to customers. Current events is one effective source.

Service Schedule Reminders Made More Compelling with Holiday Connection

For my client TriState Water Works, it just so happens that customers should start calling to schedule their Spring Start-Up appointments around Groundhog’s Day. Using a cute picture of Punxsutawney Phil in our reminder, we received a better response than ever to our scheduling campaign.

When Everyone’s Talking about COVID-19, Don’t Try to Change the Subject in Your Marketing

This week, we’re inspiring TriState Water Works customers to start planning their spring gardens. A gentle tie-in with COVID-19 helps customers see how garden-planning could be relevant to what’s on their mind right now. The headline is, “Staying Home More These Days? Plan Your Spring Garden.”

Coronavirus and Groundhog's Day: 2 Examples of Current Event Content Hooks

These are two examples of staying alert to current events in your content creation. What ideas can you come up with?

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