Google Display Ads Can Find You New Customers

Google Display Ads Can Find You New Customers

Small Businesses May Find Their Perfect Audience with Google’s Highly-Detailed Targeting

All small businesses should explore the options in Google’s Audiences to see if their perfect potential customers can be reached through Google Display Ads. Here are a few samples to show the potential one might discover.

Kinds of Google Audiences

Browsing the audiences shows several descriptors:

  • Who they are
  • What their interests and habits are
  • What they are actively researching or planning
  • How they have interacted with your business

Let’s dive into each one, to see what we find.

What Their Interests and Habits Are

Google knows if its users are “Fashionistas” or “Green Living Enthusiasts” based on the data collected from search history, email habits, map usage, etc. There are dozens of different audiences, and your perfect customer might be found in them.

What They Are Actively Researching or Planning

This category reveals intent to buy. Google can tell if someone is researching “Enterprise Software” or “Office Supplies.” And Google’s knowledge definitely extends beyond B2B to consumer behavior, travel and much more.

How They Have Interacted with Your Business

If you already use Google Analytics and Google Ads, you can create a remarketing list of customers who have already visited your website or achieved conversion status. These people have shown interest in your business, so it often makes sense to advertise to them.

What will you find when you check out Google Audiences?

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