How to Create a Really Effective Facebook Ad Audience

How to Create a Really Effective Facebook Ad Audience

Understand Your Customers to Reach Them on Facebook

Facebook Ad Audiences have a dizzying array of options for reaching users who might be interested in your advertising. It’s easy to select too many options and advertise to users who only partially match the characteristics of your customers.

The first step is to truly understand your customers’ interests and motivations. After that, it’s easy to narrow a Facebook Audience down using the Narrow and Exclude options.

Facebook Ad Audience Example: Selling an Adventure Travel Memoir

An author is trying to find new readers for her adventure travel memoir, and she knows her ideal reader appreciates animal experiences and rugged travel. She also knows her readers are usually contemptuous of luxury travel or cruises.

Using targeting, narrowing and exclusion options, here’s how her audience might look.

How to Create a Really Effective Facebook Ad Audience

We were able to right-size her audience to the 16 million adventure travel readers in the US. These are people who enjoy adventure travel and read books, but have no interest in luxury travel.

Without narrowing and excluding, the audience would have been a wildly ineffective 120 million people. No matter how wonderful her memoir is, it’s unrealistic to think 120 Americans will buy it.

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