Marketing During Election Season: Save Your Ad Budget

Marketing During Election Season: Save Your Ad Budget

Small Business Marketing Can’t Compete with Politic’s Billions

During a Presidential election year, media outlets benefit from an infusion of ad revenue from politicians and activist groups of all sorts. Obama vs. McCain resulted in $2.4 billion spent on the Presidential race. Trump vs. Clinton saw $1.16 billion spent on the Presidential race and $2.4 billion total.

Starting in the fall, political ads ramp up on TV, radio, social media and more. I recommend that small businesses limit how much they try to compete in this crowded ad marketplace.

Marketing During Election Season: Save Your Ad Budget

While Following a Presidential Election, Customers Might Not Have the Attention to Give Your Small Business

Along with competition for ads, small businesses need to compete for customers’ attention. During a particularly riveting or competitive election season (Sound familiar in 2020?), customers may not have the attention to spare for your products or services.

From October until a week after Election Day, small businesses should avoid making any important announcements, product launches or other revenue-critical campaigns.

In 2020, save your ad budget for the next couple of months and put it towards a truly compelling campaign in early 2021. If you start planning now, you’ll have time to make it your most effective marketing effort yet.

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