The Hilarious “Karate Kid” Ad that Makes Everyone Want to Buy QuickBooks

The Hilarious "Karate Kid" Ad that Makes Everyone Want to Buy QuickBooks

Intuit Shows Customer Intuition in Spots Featuring Cobra Kai Sensei

Released in 1984, The Karate Kid opened to critical and audience acclaim, and was “Hollywood’s biggest sleeper hit of the year.” This underdog story follows young Daniel LaRusso as he trains in karate to beat the champions of ruthless Cobra Kai at the All Valley Karate Tournament.

Fast forward a few decades, and a new sleeper hit has taken hold of the franchise. Cobra Kai is a web television series currently available on Netflix. The characters of Karate¬†Kid are all grown up in this grittier show aimed at the now-adult fans of the original. When Netflix debuted the series in August 2020, it “became the most-watched series on the platform.”

Children of the 80’s are Today’s Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Sensing an opportunity with these fans, Intuit’s QuickBooks has released a series of TV spots featuring the character Kreese, merciless Cobra Kai sensei. It’s revealed that the stress of running a business fueled his anger issues, but QuickBooks has helped him turn his dojo around, and now he promotes a gentler Koala Kai.

The Marketing Genius: It’s Funny and Effective

The ad execution is hysterically funny to the target audience and grabs their attention. Then, it brilliantly connects with the brand message, “The easy way to a happier business.” It’s rare to see a brand build this kind of emotional connection with customers that also effectively sells the product.

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