WordPress is Great– Except When it’s Hacked

WordPress is Great-- Except When it's Hacked

Small Business Websites Powered by WordPress are a Hacker’s Biggest Target

WordPress is a hugely popular platform for small business websites– it’s flexible, customizable and easy to learn. WordPress claims to “power 35% of the Internet.”

The platform is also a huge target for hackers. In 2018, 90% of all hacked CMS sites were built with WordPress. And more than 70% of all WordPress sites are vulnerable to attacks.

WordPress is Great-- Except When it's Hacked

6 Steps to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

Lazy web design practices are to blame for most hacked WordPress sites. Make sure your web designer is following these six steps:

  1. Keep the WordPress installation updated
  2. Keep WordPress plugins updated, and replace plugins that no longer offer updates
  3. Keep the WordPress theme updated
  4. Maintain a backup of design files
  5. Maintain a backup of the database
  6. Ensure all passwords are secure

Don’t be afraid to build your small business website in WordPress– it really is a great tool. But its popularity makes it a target, so make sure to keep it safe!

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