Work Your SEO Keyword into a Blog Post 5+ Times

Work Your SEO Keyword into a Blog Post 5+ Times

When you’re optimizing a blog post for search, the first step, of course, is to find a killer keyword. Here’s how to effectively incorporate your SEO keyword into a blog post.

How to Include Your SEO Keyword 5 or More Times in Each Blog Post

Over the course of your 600 – 1200 word post, you’ll want to include your SEO keyword five or more times. In order of importance, here’s how to do it:

  1. At the beginning of your title. Don’t hide the keyword phrase at the end.
  2. In the opening paragraph of your article.
  3. In one or more sub-headings. On most blogging platforms, these will be labeled H2 (Heading 2).
  4. In the alternative text field of images
  5. In your final paragraph

And for some tips on choosing high-value SEO keywords, check out this interesting piece from First Page Sage.

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